Rainbow Bright Day Care & Nursery School

Ofsted registered Rainbow Bright is a small private childcare nursery school in Ipswich caring for babies and children from the age of 3 months to 5 years.

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Autumn 2013 Newsletter

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Autumn Term 2013: Letter of the Week


w/c 2-9-13  Letter Aa w/c 9-9-13  Letter Bb w/c 16-9-13 Letter Cc w/c 23-9-13 Letter Dd w/c 30-9-13 Letter Ee w/c 7-10-13 Letter Ff w/c 14-10-13 Letter Gg w/c 21-10-13 Letter Hh w/c 28-10-13 HALF-TERM w/c 4-11-13  Letter Ii w/c 11-11-13 Letter Jj w/c 18-11-13 Letter Kk w/c 25-11-13 Letter Ll w/c 2-12-13  Letter Mm w/c 9-12-13  Letter Nn w/c 16-12-13 Letter Oo  


Face Painting


Face Painting We’ve got the face paints out today, so don’t be surprised if you come home with a pirate, a butterfly or even a tiger.




Keeping busy on this hot afternoon by learning to bake scones.


Splatter Paint


We’ve been embracing our messy side with a splatter painting. It was so much fun. We think it’s better than  a Jackson Polluck!


Caterpillar Song

We have enjoyed watching them grow, but the time has come to set our butterflies free.

Caterpillar Song I started as a tiny egg, Upon a leaf of green. And now I stay upon the leaf, So I will not be seen. Soon I’ll build a chrysalis. Upon a limb up high I’ll stay a while and then come out, And be a butterfly.


Happy Babies

happy babies

As well as providing care for toddlers and nursery school children, we also take care of the little ones. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally happy babies!


The Birth of a Butterfly


Yesterday we watched one of our caterpillars transform into a beautiful butterfly, just like in Eric Carle’s classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children were wide-eyed with amazement, and so were we! We can’t wait to see the others.


Golf, Anyone?

golf 2

We love playing outdoors, especially in the summertime. We have recently taken up a new sport: GOLF!


We’ve Got a Bouncy Castle, Have You?


One of our nursery nurses was kind enough to let us borrow her bouncy castle for the day. The result: very happy children. Even the little ones had a turn to bounce. We don’t want summer to ever end!!!!!!!!!!!